Soft Launch of Lao Spices

Soft Launch of Lao Spices

Hi Lao food besties!  

I am thrilled to announce that I've been working on a food product that brings the rich flavors of Laos to your kitchen! Allow me to introduce Lao Spices by Saeng's Kitchen, spice blends inspired by Lao cuisine. These carefully crafted blends aim to make cooking my favorite Lao dishes easier and faster, and I'm excited to share this convenience with all of you. Our product launch begins with three essential blends that are the foundation of my Lao kitchen: Lao laab, Lao bbq, and Lao sweet chili. These blends perfectly capture the essence of Lao food—spicy, sweet, and bursting with umami!

Discover the pride of my kitchen: Lao laab blend. Its distinctive notes of toasted rice powder, lemongrass, and galangal make it perfect for the national dish of Laos and beyond. Elevate your meals effortlessly by adding it to protein and herbs, unlocking incredible flavors in dishes like French fries, popcorn, and soups. Next, embrace the essence of Lao bbq. Packed with authentic flavors, this blend lets you recreate the joy of family barbecues anywhere. Just mix with oyster sauce, grill, air fry, or bake for mouthwatering results. Sprinkle it on rice for an irresistible treat! Lastly, savor the savory-sweet Lao sweet chili blend. Dip sour fruits or add padaek for a funky twist. Think of it as your Lao version of tajin. Spice up your culinary adventures!

My passion in creating these blends was to develop a truly Lao product made by a Lao chef, and proudly embrace the unique and delicious flavors of our cuisine. This launch is particularly special with the limited edition trio set, and I highly recommend getting a box or two for your kitchen and sharing with your friends. When these seasonings arrive in your kitchen, my hope is that they transport you to the vibrant land of Laos, even if just for a moment.

With Laov, 


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